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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an animal communicator?

Animal communication is the process by which impressions, thoughts, images and feelings can be transmitted and received between beings of different species. Kristen communicates with animals by using telepathy, also called two-way thought transference. Animals can be currently living or crossed over. 

What is the purpose of animal communication?

To bring understanding, balance, and harmony to the relationship between animal and guardian.

Animal communication can bring insight into behavioral issues, physical/medical concerns, or assist in bringing you comfort once an animal has crossed over.

Where and How are Sessions Held?

Sessions are typically done remotely. In person sessions are available on a case by case basis.

What to expect from a session

Sessions are typically done remotely. You will speak with Kristen prior to the session and  provide her with a list of questions you would like her to ask, or relay messages you would like her to pass on. She will then communicate telepathically with the animal (at a scheduled date/time), record all messages, and call you after the session to relay the information she received. Every communication session is unique and personal.

Purpose of Transition of Life Session

These type of sessions are for animals who are nearing, or at, the time of transition from this life to the next. If you are struggling with knowing whether or not "If it is time?" a Transition of Life Session can help give you the answers you need to assist your animal during this time.

*Kristen has a special interest in Transition of Life session. She believes these type of sessions are one of the main reasons she has been called to be an animal communicator.

How many animals are in Kristen's family?

I am the proud guardian of 4 dogs and 1 cat. Each one with their own special place in my heart and each with a story that makes them unique.

Meet Kristen

Energy Healing Practitioner & Intuitive Animal Communicator

Kristen found her love for working with people and animals over 10 years ago. Focusing her career within the veterinary field as a client relations liaison and practice manager. This professional foundation lead her to uncover her gift and passion for Animal Communication, Reiki, and Energy Work. She is the proud guardian of 4 dogs & 1 cat. 

She became an Animal Communicator in 2011, Kristen believes that we are meant to live in harmony with animals. Through sharing the messages animals have with the people who care(d) for them, she feels this helps to maintain balance and deepen our understanding of each other. By utilizing animal communication we enhance our connection to the animals we love(d) and share(d) our lives with.